The eternal question: Why study abroad? Well, to put it simply: elevating your life. That is absolutely right! Studying abroad has been truly a life-changing experience. Studying abroad offers a wealth of benefits in terms of individual, study and even career. Studying abroad will be an exciting experience of everything.

Laughing, learning, and you will live a life that you have never experienced before. These experiences can be compared to you are on a “roller coaster”. However, the disadvantages of studying abroad are also many. Studying abroad is not all about flashy and new experiences. But the challenges you face will mature you.

If you’ve always been tempted to change your habits and go on an adventure, studying abroad is the right choice. Alice Academy will give you 4 main reasons.


1. Enjoy a better education by international standards

High-quality education will always be the main reason for studying abroad. Although currently in Vietnam there are many universities with international training programs, the undeniable truth is that the quality cannot be compared with their counterparts in developed countries where there are advantages in infrastructure, technology, industry connectivity, and of course, fund funding.

In short, studying abroad is about learning from the best. Studying at a reputed university is not only a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it also ensures a better future for you and your career.




2.Experience a completely new and different life

There is certainly no more enjoyable experience in life than being able to explore new places, meet new people, and immerse yourself in completely different traditions and cultures from your home country. Starting to experience these and beyond is one of the biggest reasons why I want to study abroad.


3.Learn a foreign language

Another reason why I want to study abroad is that I will add a great faith-reinforcing language.

Never in a million years did I think I could speak a foreign language other than English. So when I finally learned how to read, write, and speak in Swedish, it gave me such tremendous pride and achievement to know that my hard work was finally reciprocated.




4. Opportunity to become a global citizen

If you want to get your dream job, you should go to study abroad. The career benefits of studying abroad are endless! It helps you increase your CV, gives you the opportunity to practice abroad and so your income is also higher. While studying abroad, you will learn skills and knowledge from a variety of sources, so take advantage of the opportunity to expand yourself and become a global citizen.





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