Bishopstrow College is a dedicated to leading international students in the UK, located in Warminster, a town near the heritage city of Bath. The University’s student come from across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America. With the design of classes with a small number about 12 students and 6-8 students for English language, Bishopstrow creates a dynamic atmosphere, a community that is cared for and educated as safe in the family itself. The number of students from each nationality to limited to ensure that all students are merged together and speak English.

Especially, the University is a member of the Cambridge ESOL Open Examination Centre and Cambridge International University. In addition,Bishopstrow College has partnered with the UK’s leading schools system: Bedford College, Bradfield College, Badminton, Concord College, Abbey College Cambridge,…



With the objective of focusing on teaching English program to meet the demand for transition into High School and University in UK, the school combines quality, strict regulations in teaching and learning with thoughtful care, dedicated to each students in class. All courses have at least 15 hours of English lessons in week focusing on all 4 skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and the number of students per class from 6-8 students in order to increase the interaction between students together as well as between students and teacher. In addition, the school also designed homework along with supervision from the person in charge to help students with fast progress, clear English language level.

➽All courses are designed to ensure the following contents:

➽Preparing for the Cambridge ESOL exam

➽General English

➽Academic English (Mathematics and science)

➽Physical Education

➽Workout Exercises at home



➽ Bistrow College is a fully recognized, outstanding boarding school in the UK.

➽% of students parked Cambridge English exams and 93% of students achieved A *-C at the IGCSE exams in 2016.

➽Bistrow College plans personalized learning for each student.

➽Bistrow College helps students apply and hunt scholarships to schools in the UK.

➽Advanced Facilities and equipment for teaching.


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