Attractive scholarship hunt up to 60% -University of Huddersfield

➛Time: 10:00 7/18/2020 and 20:30 7/24/2020 

➛Form: online


Representatives from Huddersfield-UK school

A large group of study consultants with more than 10 years of experience 

Alumni holding many important positions in the fields of education, import-export, commercial communication, real estate… In Vietnam and many countries on the world.

Limited guest event ,please register at:




The University of Huddersfield awarded scholarships up to 8000 GBP in 2020 

Who is scholarship for?

?⧫Scholarships from 1000-8000 apply to both undergraduate and master degrees.

?⧫For students in Southeast Asian nations

?⧫Apply for the admission semester 1/2020, 9/2020, 1/2021


What should a scholarship application need?

?⧫ a copy of your invitation letter

?⧫ Copy CV

?⧫Personal essay about 500 words, pointing out why you should be awarded scholarships, your own career goals

? ⧫Get more information about the school at:ết-về-Huddersfield



Actact Alice Academy for advice on choosing a school, introducing a scholarship, applying for student visa – TOTALLY FREE!!!

➡️ Facebook: Alice Academy English Language study consultant

➡️ Hotline: 035 600 6258

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