Located in the warm sunny area of British Columbia province, 35 minutes by flight from Vancouver, Public High School Council The Kamloops International Student Program offers international students a diverse academic program.

Recreational extracurricular activities:

  • The International Student Program offers a continuous program with several monthly activities. With group activities, students will be oriented to familiarize themselves with the new environment.
  • With four seasons and a mild, temperate climate, Kamloops is an attractive playground for students to have a chance to enjoy the beautiful views of the city.
  • For those who prefer less active lifestyles, Kamloops offers shopping opportunities, movie theaters, watching Kamloops hockey, quality restaurants, free music in the Park during the summer months.

Outstanding academic program:

  • BC Dogwood High School Academic Program
  • IB International Baccalaureate Program
  • Kamloops Art School – specializing in music, dance, performing arts, visual arts in fully equipped studios.
  • Sports Academy – Hockey, Soccer, Rugby.

Homestay program:

  • International students studying at the school can join the Homestay program to experience family life in Canada. A quality Homestay program is a very important part of what Kamloops has to supply. The school’s experienced homestay team works hard to combine families with students with similar interests and lifestyles.


  • Tuition will include any and all of the basic courses.
  • Monthly tuition must be paid directly to Administrative Region No.73 (Kamloops-Thompson).
  • Early arrival and/or late stay students are expected to pay the hostel directly at $30/day for the following days.

Especially after graduating from high school, you can easily enroll in

Thompson Rivers University.

What makes Thompson Rivers University special?

  • Provide diverse courses from English programs to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees
  • Students are trained with a solid foundation in theory as well as application
  • Students have the opportunity to put knowledge into practice through paid internships, academic studies, or volunteering among other programs.
  • The school offers educational cooperation programs and special support services for international students
  • Many scholarship programs for students with good achievements.




Application period: February 1, 2020, to March 8, 2020


*Exclusive offers only available at Alice Academy include:


For more information about scholarships, study process; please contact us:

  • Hotline: 035 600 6258
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