Camosun College is a leading and largest community college in the state of British Columbia, Canada. Each year, they welcome more than 700 international students from over 50 different countries with a wide variety of disciplines such as Business ( Accounting, Marketing, Business administration,…) Science & Computer,Art ( architecture,music,digital media,..) ,Healthcare (dentist,..), Travel/Hotel management ,Sports,…


Training establishments

Camosun College has two campuses in Lansdowne and Interurban located.


Location Located

Two of Camosun campus is located in the beautiful Victoria capital of British Columbia. The city is located in the south of Vancouver Island off the Pacific Ocean and is in the mildest, temperate Canadian weather. In winter, temperature from 0-10 degrees, summer from 20-30 degrees, spring from 10-17 degrees.


Both Camosun College campus is located in developed areas with a convenient public transport system, many shops, and shopping malls, amusement areas, and scenic surroundings.


Strengths and Training sectors.

Art, Business, Computer Engineering, English language, Health- Human Services, Science and Technology, Sports, and exercise.


Camosun facilities

At Lansdowne campus:


Isabel Dawson Campus, Dental, Dunlop, Ewing, the academic court for the art….

➨Children’s wellness center

➨The ceramic room is a showcase and where you create a new product.

➨Student rooms are the activities of student group associations in the school.

➨Multi-purpose sports rooms for multi-sport training and competitions.


At Interurban campus:


Composite Greenhouse

Forestry laboratories

Center for Sport Education

Specialized Libraries

Computer room with internet access

Official School Website:



➤As a college located in the list of schools exempt from financial evidence, the express SDS visa with many advantages in the review.

➤Camosun is also one of the low-cost schools in Canada, and much lower than the cost of studying the UK, the USA with no inferior quality.

➤At Camosun College, students can also enroll in gifted clubs or physical fitness to strengthen their body and spirit.

➤93% of the recent graduate students are satisfied/very pleased with the education at Camosun College.

➤91% of University graduates, employed or pursued in deeper studies.

➤Students after graduation have the opportunity to stay in Canada for 3 years to look for work, this is a good background to be able to work in the country with a developed economy. While at Camosun College, students can also work when they are enrolled in a combination of study and work programs.20 hours of the week outside campus while learning full-time at Camosun College. To go to work, students need to study an academic program in Canada for at least 6 months.



Some majors in Camosun

⧫Computer science

⧫Tourism-Hotel Management

⧫Business( Accounting, Bussiness Administration, Marketing…)


⧫Art( Music, Architecture, Digital Media,…)

⧫Health care (dentist,..)


Popular programs in Camosun

❤English Program 

For students who have not yet meet the entrance requirement for academic courses. The course is provided throughout the year.

Career program: Camosun College offers a variety of diploma and certificate programs. This program is considered as a “ Career program”.It provides students with the opportunity to study intensive application and training skills will bring benefits to students at the beginning of their careers.


❤University Transfer Program:

This is a very clever way to get a Bachelor’s degree. Students only need to complete one or two years of transfer course at Camosun College then transfer to BC’s top Universities- Victoria University (UVIC), University of British Colombia (UBC), Simon Fraser University (SFU).


❤Transfer Programs: courses in art, technology, business


❤The program combines learning and working

        To participate in the course, students will be studying interlacing semester with paid work time. The combined program offers the opportunity for students to achieve useful Canadian work experience in a variety of fields: learning, gaining the skills, knowledge of application, choosing a career, and developing confidence.


Camosun College Entrance Requirements

Students must graduate from high school or 19 years old

IELTS: 5.5 or equivalent

Intake: January, August, July, September


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