The phrase “American Dream” is probably not too strange to the young, especially Vietnamese students. The US which is the world’s leading economy has a high-quality living environment, a “promised land” for many young people around the globe. So what major should you study when studying in the US?


In recent years, “Hospitality and Tourism” is a trend in many countries. We can completely study this faculty in countries where the cost of studying and living is much cheaper than in the US. So why should study in the US?


*The US is one of the most diverse countries in the world

The United States has a diversity of ethnicities, nationalities, indigenous languages, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and socioeconomic background. Students studying and working in this industry in the US will have the opportunity to be exposed to many aspects of a diverse population.


*Many major hotel chains in the world are based in the US

Companies like Marriott, Hyatt, Wyndham, and Hilton are all headquartered in the US and often find human resources from US universities. These schools offer a wide range of specialized courses to help students prepare for any position in this major group whether working in the US or other countries.


*Comprehensive study program

The American model focuses on students comprehensive educating and focuses on the development of knowledge and skills and professional research courses. This is especially beneficial for students studying hotel management and tourism. In most bachelor’s degrees in Hotel and Tourism Management, students are exposed to a wide range of subject areas including business management and leadership, social sciences, mathematics and science, humanities, as well as courses directly related to hotel management and tourism. Furthermore, many programs in the United States are accredited by the Hotel Management Program Accreditation Commission (ACPHA).

Universities have applied new strategies to improve student learning results. In hospitality and tourism education, the topics mentioned previously are presented in a balanced approach that not only focuses on theoretical concepts but also on experiences, allowing students to practice what they are learning in class.


*Career opportunities

Because the Hospitality and Tourism major is so popular and thriving in the US, international students have many opportunities to experience the reality of this global industry. Therefore, you absolutely can apply the knowledge and experience learned in any country according to American standards.


This industry is becoming a trend in recent years due to the high demand for tourism and relaxation around the world along with the advent of many types of tourism. So the opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industry are really huge. Research shows that one of the 18 graduates of this industry in the United States is employed.


For the US Hospitality and Tourism Education industry, the philosophy is: Career began on your first day as a student. Practical experience, accumulated knowledge, career process, the combination of professional education and practical work experience are all very beneficial to becoming a PROFESSIONAL MANAGER in the future.

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