Canada is in the process of Industrialization and the shortage of technical specialists is always a stressful topic that has not been fully resolved. Therefore, many businesses try to find human resources trained from technical schools such as Fanshawe College. This is a golden opportunity for those who are passionate about engineering and plan to settle in Canada.


Why should you choose Fanshawe as the destination for your study abroad dream?

  • Fanshawe is Canada’s 6th largest College, located in the most famous and friendly space in the state of Ontario.
  • The school has 4 facilities and 1 study center with spacious infrastructure.
  • Training programs with a variety of careers from Bachelor to Graduation.
  • Students have the right to transfer credit to complete a 4-year bachelor’s degree program to schools: University of Western Ontario, University of New Brunswick when studying in the 2 + 2 program.
  • 40% of the training programs are programs combining paid internships. If students are interested in immigration to Canada, Fanshawe College offers the best job opportunities after graduating with a work permit for up to 3 years.



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