Sharing about Utah University of Nguyen Tran Huy

Chúc mừng bạn Nguyễn Trần Huy đã đậu Visa du học trường Đại học Utah.

Studying in Utah State University, Utah, you will be integrated and become a part of the multicultural student community here, you can make friends easily through many ways. It is also the biggest reason that I immediately chose Utah as the destination for my dream of studying abroad.

Studying at Utah State is an exciting experience for me through a combination of class hours, direct participation in special research projects, internships, opportunities for employment. useful, meaningful and many special programs that allow students to apply the theory collected from the classroom to real life.

It also has an Office of International Students and Scholars (or OISS) that helps international students and scholars who are unfamiliar with American law, culture, and education system on issues immigration and visas as well as personal support. In addition, the OISS office and the International Student Council, together with the support of the community, organize cultural and community programs every year for international students to have the opportunity to participate in life. university and exposure to other cultures. This makes me feel surprised when I first become independent in a completely different environment of language, culture.

About Salt Lake, this is a dynamic and friendly city, known as a place that attracts a lot of tourists with lots of attractive outdoor activities, especially winter sports. Salt Lake is located in a lush valley, to the east and north covered by high mountains, the northwest with Great Salt Lake to bring cool air in the summer months.

Just living here for a few months, I feel like I have been familiar for a long time, because of the enthusiasm of the people here, the friendliness of students and teachers in the school. It makes me feel warmer in the minus weather with dense snow and ice in Utah’s winter. Finally, I am really happy and thankful for Alice Academy for making a bridge as well as guiding me to come to Utah.


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