Sharing about Bourenemouth University of Phan Minh Trang

In recent years Bournemouth has become more and more attractive to Vietnamese students. This is partly because Bournemouth University (BU) is associated with a relatively large number of study abroad centers in Vietnam. Another factor to consider is that BU offers scholarships up to 50%, while most other schools will usually offer scholarships based on GPA or scholarships of 20–30%.

And those are the reasons that Bournemouth University has become the best choice for me.

The first day of school I was completely overwhelmed because BU brought a very modern comfort rather than the ancient, or slightly toward the typical architecture of schools like in movies, in newspapers. The school has two campuses, Lansdowne and Talbot. The Lansdowne campus is more centrally located and has a pavement building type. Talbot is a campus about 20 minutes from the center by bus and most facilities for students will be on this campus.

Because of its location close to the sea, the weather in Bournemouth is quite mild, pleasant with sunshine and not too harsh winters.

Regarding the cost, financial ability and expenditure plan of each student, even in the same city, will be very different. But basically for me, about £500–600/ month is enough, mainly including: £250–350 of rent, £150–200 of food. The cost of traveling by bus has many types: 1-year bus cards usually from £200–250, a single one-way trip usually about £1.40–1.50 using student discount, or always buy a two-way round trip about £2.50.

With a Tier 4 visa, getting a part-time job of about 20 hours a week in Bournemouth is not difficult. The feature of the work students can do will not be much different than in London or other cities.

Overall, Bournemouth is the sumptuous city of small but not dull, not too crowded but not too quiet. Bournemouth is still growing day by day to become the most popular entertainment and cultural center in the UK. Not only that, you will have countless choices about studying and living here. Come to this loving town and feel every moment, every little corner of it, and you will fall in love with Bournemouth just like me.

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