Australia’s February 2020 enrollment period is approaching, so Ha Lan determines to catch up with this “express train”, and Alice Academy is ready to sprint. The attractive tickets to study abroad and scholarships of the University of Tasmania are waiting, let’s take a look at the golden opportunities below listed by Alice Academy.

  • Scholarship of up to VND 134.4 million for international enrollment students.
  • A scholarship of VND 240,000,000 from The Destination Australia Program.
  • Scholarships of up to VND 52,800,000 for the University of Tasmania’s tuition fees of the College of Business and Economics.

For those who are not ready to leave in February 2020, set goals and prepare qualifications and certificates for the journey starting in July 2020. And don’t forget to contact Alice Academy for FULL FREE guidance on the application process, visa application, scholarship hunting!


?Hotline: 035 600 6258

?Fanpage: fb.me/duhoc.anhngu.alice


?Website: alice-academy.org


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