Studying abroad has been a popular trend in recent years. In addition to financial and educational preparation, choosing a major and a destination is also a concern for many parents and students. And in recent years, studying Engineering is no longer a stranger to Vietnamese students. Usually, many students choose Germany as a destination to study Engineering. However, the language barrier is huge because German is considered a difficult language to learn in the world. So why not choose America? A country with the best quality education and economy in the world. Alice will give you 5 reasons.

Engineering is a complex major but is a popular choice for international students, especially males. Engineering is a completely flexible option that opens up job opportunities in a number of different fields.



Students studying engineering courses in the US are often required for a professional certificate very early in their studies and that serves as an entry standard upon admission. One of the leading engineering schools in the US, the University of Arizona offers up to 14 engineering majors, including environment, aerospace, biological systems, chemistry, and optical sciences. So no matter what your aspirations are, you can find a major in engineering schools in the US.

2.Increasing opportunities for finding jobs after graduation

Postgraduate employment opportunities are what most students are worried about. To have a good job, you need to equip enough knowledge and skills to add value to your CV. But the engineering profession in the US is thriving, and the opportunities for major graduates to enter this industry are precisely lacking! From American Express to Apple and even Amazon, many multinationals found in the US are in high demand for engineering.


3. Use of modern equipment and consulted by leading researchers

America is at the pinnacle of the engineering industry and research. If you have the desire to learn and practice the latest high technology or want to be taught by leading researchers in the field of engineering, studying in the US may be the best option.

With an annual expenditure of approximately 28 billion USD, faculty and students at the university are currently conducting research on real projects. This is a golden opportunity for you to learn, experience, and improve yourself for your major.

4.Attractive income

Engineers working in the US have a much higher average salary than this industry in other countries. According to PayScale, the average salary for an engineer in the US is $ 76,000 – compared with $ 64,000 in Germany, $ 42,000 UK, and $ 15,000 in China.

Also, even if students are just trainees enrolled in engineering courses at the University of Arizona, they still have the opportunity to earn an average of $ 20 per hour work.


5. Opportunities to work in the US are higher than in other industries

The US government allows companies to employ foreign workers in specific disciplines, such as engineering, as long as you have an undergraduate degree in the US.

Under the Nonimmigrant H-1B Visa, you will be licensed the right to work in the United States for a period of 6 years. However, you have to find a recruiter willing to sponsor you, but this method is often faster and more popular with engineering students than applying for a green card.


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