Meeting with representatives of ACEE International Education at 10:00 on 06/03/2020 at Alice Academy Office.


ACEE International Education was established by March Fong Eu – California Secretary of State, and Sandra Tung who is a famous California Chinese American Socialist. This organization is the precursor of the China and US Exchange Association – ACEA. This is the exclusive recruitment partner of Johns Hopkins University (International Education School) and Global Learning (Master of Science in Education). ACEE’s partners are carefully selected and screened with the desire to provide students with the best and highest quality learning environment.


In the beginning, this organization was founded on the idea of ​​wanting to give Chinese students opportunities to experience American education, in order to improve their knowledge and culture. It was not until 2014 that ACEE officially became a profitable educational organization and began cooperating with private and public high schools in California to expand its international programs. This is a prestigious educational organization that helps international students who dream of studying in the United States come closer to their dreams.


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