Amerigo Education

As a representative of the top High Schools in major cities in the US, Amerigo Education builds a high standard and modern boarding environment, helps international students receive the best education, creates conditions for them to confidently develop their own abilities in a comprehensive way. Not only does it help students achieve high results in studies, develop language skills, but also support them to form good personalities to be the leaders of the future.


Graduates of Amerigo Education’s partner are admitted to schools in the US Ivy League system such as Harvard University, Yale University, Cornell University..etc, and top 100 universities such as Duke University, Michigan State University..etc. In addition, international students will have priority admission to Amerigo’s partner universities of The top 100 and may be exempt from the ACT/SAT/IELTS/TOEFL examination.


As students of Amerigo, you will be taken care of by the staff in an enthusiastic and experienced way. Not only do you have a high-quality study environment, the best preparation for the desired university due to careful consultation, but also receive free English support during your studies. Besides, you can receive meals every day, live in a secure and modern residential area under the administration of Amerigo.


In addition, Amerigo always has many exciting activities and entertainments on weekends as well as holidays so that international students can quickly integrate into American culture, visit the cultural parks, museums, or high-tech parks. Amerigo always has a team of management staff at each school and is on duty 24/24 to help students quickly.


Scholarships of Amerigo

Amerigo always gives international students access to modern, high-quality education in the US, as well as recognizes and rewards those with high academic achievements. Therefore, Amerigo offers different scholarships for those who have good results at school.


10% – 30% scholarship of tuition and boarding cost. In addition, Amerigo also has 40% and 50% scholarships in limitation for those who excel in academics, English and showing the ability of a future leader.

Contact for details, Alice Academy study abroad bulletin board: 



Cost / year: US $ 66,950 – $ 75,200


This package cost includes tuition fees, English language support, academic support, college and career counseling, dormitory and security, meals (3 meals/day; 7 days/week), practice trips, graduation fees, insurance, Thanksgiving and Spring break activities, iPads, uniforms, books, airport transfers, shuttle buses, weekend entertainment activities.


Admission requirements

  • Average result 7.0 (or GPA 2.7)
  • 5.0 of IELTS or 59 of the TOEFL score. Students who have not taken the IELTS/TOEFL test can register to take the Amerigo test.

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