50% Scholarship interview with The Northampton University


50% Scholarship interview schedule with The Northampton University

Time:16 – 31/5/2020

☝Make an appointment through the link: https://sum.vn/Ddkxq

Inbox us at m.me/Alice.academy.2019 to schedule an interview with the school.

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Location: Northampton University is located right in the center of England, big cities such as London, Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge, Stratford,….take an hour by train. The traffic is convenient, easy to go to the airport to Europe countries: Italy, France, Spain,…

Campus: two campuses covers an area of  2.5 square miles. It has creative learning spaces with accommodation facilities, modern libraries, The Information Technology center 24/7, studio, laboratory, dining room, cafés, supermarket, bars….

➤University of Northampton ranking:

     ❇️According to The Guardian, It ranks in the top 50  universities in England in 2014.

     ❇️According to the results of the Independent newspaper, It ranks top 30 schools about student satisfaction, reached 88% highest in many years.

     ❇️The University of Northampton’s business school ranks in the top 10% of England’s school graded as “The quality of teaching”, a member of the Association of Business school. It also ranked 18th among the 81 schools and The Institute of Business (highly rated in the UK’s National Student Survey 2006).

     ❇️It’s also ranked in the top 10 Universities have the highest rates of student succeeded in finding a job after graduating.


Northampton is one of the places with the lowest cost of living in the UK(ranked in the top 8 schools has the cost of admission is reasonable).

Career opportunities after graduation are high: more than  96% of students get a job after graduation within 6 months.

Advanced facilities provided student care services, career advice.

Attractive scholarships for international students.


  • Bachelor courses: IELTS 6.0
  • Master courses: IELTS 6.5
  • English courses: IELTS 4.0
  • University preparatory courses, masters: IELTS 5.0


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